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Using Google’s SMTP Server to Send Mail

Gmail by GoogleUsing Google’s “portable” SMTP server as your outgoing email server gives you another option when your email isn’t getting through or as a means of having Google store and index the emails you send, so all your sent emails backed-up and searchable on Google’s servers.

To use the Google SMTP server to send from your usual email address, simply enter the following settings into your email program. All you need is either a free Gmail account or paid Google Apps account.

How to setup Google’s SMTP server as your outgoing server:

SMTP server (outgoing mail): smtp.gmail.com

SMTP username: Your full Gmail or Google Apps email address (e.g. [email protected] or [email protected])

SMTP password: Your Gmail or Google Apps email password

SMTP port: 465

SMTP TLS/SSL required: yes

Optionally store copies of sent messages in your Gmail account:  Click on the Forwarding/IMAP tab and scroll down to the IMAP Access section: IMAP must be enabled in order for emails to be properly copied to your sent folder.

Important Notes
Sender/From line:  Google will rewrite the “Sender” or “From” line of email sent using its SMTP server to the default email address in your Gmail or Google Apps account Settings.  Workaround:  In your Google email Settings, go to the Accounts tab/section and make your domain email address “default”.  (Add another email address you own. Confirm. Make default). Search Help for “send mail as” for more information.

Sending Limits:  Google limits the amount of mail a user can send, via its portable SMTP server. This limit restricts your to 99 emails/day,  reset every 24 hours.  This doesn’t sound like a lot but even heavy email users rarely send more 40 or 50 emails per day.